Stuart-isms - 6/18/2016

So in a well prepared act of sarcasm, one of my team members e-mailed me a list of stuff I say a lot, e.g. "Stuart-isms" here is a partial list of them

  1. Think!
  2. Parenthetically, ...
  3. So, that may not be optimal...
  4. Live to work, don't work to live
  5. Try to think of it as evolution in action
  6. Amateur hour is over, move aside please
  7. 40 IQ points is the grand canyon of sentience
  8. It may not be impossible, it may just not be worth it
  9. On the whole, electronics work better when plugged in
  10. In the long run, people get the government they deserve
  11. 6p Rule - Poor Planning Provides Piss Poor Performance
  12. If the world offers a penny for your thoughts what does that say about you?
  13. The kings problems are in the king's house, but the king's house is all the world

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