Water Main Break - 4/18/2015

So, the ground in front my and my next door neighbor's house got very wet, after many vexing days of investigation to see if we had a broken sprinkler line or something, we called the water company. Who were great. They came out and investigated right away, and decided the main had sprung a leak (and that is bad, especially here in CA where we are having a drought), so the sent a crew to fix it. Here are some photos.

Here is a big soggy hole

To dig w/o hurting the cable, electrical, phone, gas, etc. they use a high pressure water sprayer, and clean it up with a big vacuum

Here is the big digger rig, it is loud but it gets it done

Here is the problem, the saddle (the part that adapts a big pipe down to a smaller one) had rusted through, causing the leak, turns out both were bad

My house all fixed

My neighbor's house all fixed

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