SQL Server Management Studio - Add SQLCMD mode to the query toolbar - 2/23/2015

One of the great unexplored/underutilized features of SQL Server is SQLCMD mode.

Read all about it: Simple Talk Article

If you use Visual Studio Data Tools, the scripts it produces are in SQLCMD mode. So...

Add SQLCMD mode to the toolbar

  1. Start SSMS
  2. Make sure you have a blank query window, which will cause the Query toolbar to be shown, go to the end of the toolbar, and pick customize
  3. From the menu, select add a command, click [Add Command], pick 'Query' from the left hand categories, and find SQLCMD mode, and add it...
  4. You can then put it where ever on the toolbar you like, I prefer next to the blue 'Check' mark

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