Our Garden - 3/16/2014

People who know I live in Sacramento and work in the SF Bay Area often wonder why I do given the horrible drive times involved. Well, we own our own home, easier to do given the much more reasonable home prices here. Our new kitchen is one reason. Our garden is another. Here are some nice pictures.

Garden Pictures

Cherry Tree, just starting to bloom

A little herb garden, oregano, basil, savory, and thyme.

Lemon tree, just starting to recover after the frost

New key lime bush

A frsh planting of sweet mint

Our dependable and prolific orange tree, with some oranges, and new blossoms

Some of the strawberries which now overrun the yard, and our trusty rosemary bush

A raspberry bush, and fresh salad greens

Sweet peas

A 16 foot veggie garden here tomatoes and cucumbers

More of the same, with green, red, and hot peppers in the right corner

Close up of tomato plants. Mostly Roma for sauces and putting up, but also, some heirloom, globe, and salad tomato varieties. Cherry ones are going into a planter.

Violet volunteers, are cropping up everywhere, as well is California poppies

Garden Vista

Garden Vista

Garden Vista

Garden Vista

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