My DELL E6530 caught fire - no really - 6/17/2014

So I got a rude awaking on Monday, my DELL caught fire. Yep. Caught fire. The smoke daemons escaped. Weirdly. It was just plugged in and sitting there.

It filled the room with horrible smelling smoke

The fire caught at the junction between the mother board and daughter card

The field service engineer had never seen that before, but he recons that it had to be a dead short of AC power across the chassis

Don't believe me? Here are the pictures!

mother board Here is the motherboard view

mother board Here is the motherboard view

So my laptop is off to the DELL depot, and 3-5 days later, I may get it back

update on 7/1: It's back and thanks to really good DELL service, is running well. Thanks DELL folks!

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