AngularJS and me - 6/17/2014

So I did a little project in AngularJS. You can download it here. Here is what I like about it:
  • Simple two way binding with nice handlebar syntax
  • Easy to learn controller syntax
  • Easy to understand Dependency Injection (DI) syntax
  • Clean factory syntax for making services
  • Tidy subset of jQuery syntax
  • A nice REST/AJAX API through $http verb
Here is what I am not crazy about:
  • It's not easy to inject $scope into a factory, in fact its a bad idea, but a good alternative pattern is not readily apparent
  • Promises mechanism is not obvious, and not always obvious how to combine with factories
  • Basic advice on real world apps is not easy to find
  • Without a chrome plug-in such as Batarang it is not always easy to debug
  • Debugging routes, even with Batarang can be a challenge

Last thoughts... I like it

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