Kitchen and Livingroom Remodel - 2/23/2014

So, we remodeled our kitchen and livingroom. 3 1/2 months later, it is done. Whew. Here is what happened:
  1. Packed everything
  2. Took out the soffits that ran along the top of the kitchen cabinets and dining room, which made the space tight and enclosed feeling.
  3. Lowered the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room (this made the space feel much more open)
  4. Removed extraneous free-standing walls between kitchen and dining room opening up the door way (So we could get in and out easier!)
  5. Replaced the wall board, primered, textured, and painted
  6. Put in new Cabinets (made by Kitchen Craft) with a natural cherry finish, the cabinets are nice as they are soft and self closing, as part of that process we got rid of a small useless counter top and make the wall with the fridge a panty wall, with nice deep drawers, microwave cubby, and pull out pantry shelves, and moved the fridge toward the middle. We also added in a built in bench seat with storage under the bay window.
  7. Put in Corian countertops, replacing the old (horrible) two bin sink with one big seamless tub with the disposal in the bottom. The counter tops have a seamless integrated back that goes all the way up to under the cabinets so it is easy to keep clean and sanitary
  8. Put in a new stove, duel fuel, gas top and electric convection on the bottom, with a warming tray. Also a new microwave, both by GE
  9. Using a self adhesive metal tile we made a nice mosaic behind the stove all the way up to the hood
  10. A new hood with a very nice looking coving that goes all the way to the celling. The hood has several light levels and a very powerful fan (at the highest level it is quite powerful but a little loud) at the low and medium settings, it is both quiet and powerful.
  11. The floor in the kitchen, entry, and great room was re-done in hardwood flooring
  12. New lights (all LED), and fan complete the kitchen
  13. Put everything back (this took a while)
  14. Also put new cabinets in the living room


Kitchen in progress

Here is the stripped kitchen (left)

Here is the stripped kitchen (right)

Cabinets are in

This is how the mearure for the counter tops, tape with alignment dots is put on, then a digital photo is taken, and the computer stiches the image together

The counters are glued together with epoxy to make a seamless surface, and shaped with woodworking tools

Here is the counter mid-install, the counter sits on the cabinets on top of slates of wood

Here is the counters in

This is the finishing team of Johnney, Kevin, and the Boss Jerzy of Rehabitat Construction

Finished Kitchen and Living Room

Bench seat (a custom cushion is coming)

Pantry Wall

Sink Wall

Stove Wall

Living room wall with wall-to-wall cabinets, with a lighted display on top, and nice view of the flooring

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