Pond - 11/19/2013

My old pond was made from two plastic boxes, one from the fill and one for the drain. The body of the pond is a rubber liner, filled with rocks.

The trouble was that after a few years the pond leaked, and also filled in with rocks, and dirt.

I consulted my go-to person Danny Toy who suggested that we make the pond out of a material called Gunite which is sprayed on to a substrate such as what we did rebar over dirt with wooden forms and sticks.

BTW: Gunite is very porous and always has air pockets, so it exchanges water easily and will need to be sealed up


Pond all formed up with rebar

Here is the pump, the big truck is one massive compressor

Here is the concrete truck pouring into the funnel

Here is the team spraying

Shaping the concrete

Here is the pond all poured and shaped with Danny Toy

Cut to a few days later, the form elements are removed

Here is the drain end of the pond

Here is the fill box

Here is the completed outflow box

This is a detail of the pump in the fill box

To prep the fountain to be painted, we built a tent to keep the surface clean and hold in the heat

We used a propane heater to dry out the Gunite and heat it up to be the right temperature to paint

The heater takes a 24 gallon tank of propane

We had to dry out any of the wet spots with a torch

We consulted Danny Long at Warehouse Paint who after talking to the UGL rep, just to make sure, recommended a product to use and gave us advice on how to prep and paint the pond.

The surface was prepped by lots of scrubbing and rinsing with a product to open the pores, we did this process 3 times, scrubbing hard each time, and then followed with lots of rinsing, and pumping out the rinse water.

We then gave it 3 coats of UGL DRYLOK Extreme tinted to be blue-gray.

Here is the finished inside

Here is the finished pond with the plants transplanted back into it in baskets to control their spread.

The plants have begun to spread and take shape.

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