Cooking: My favorite books to learn theory and technique - 11/29/2012

Of course there is no substitute for taking cooking classes from a real chef-instructor or your friends and family that can really cook, however, a little light reading does no harm at all, and helps me understand why things worked out the way that they did.


That being said here are my favorite and essential books:
  1. Ratio: The simple codes behind everyday cooking, Michael Ruhlman
  2. On food and cooking: the science and lore of the kitchen, Harold McGee
  3. Ruhlman's Twenty: 20 techniques 100 recipes a cook's manifesto, Michael Ruhlman
  4. Keys to good cooking: a guide to making the best of foods and recipes, Harold McGee
  5. Cooking for Geeks: Real science, great hacks, and good food, Jeff Potter


Here are my favorite videos showing technique.
  1. The French Chef with Julia Child
  2. Good Eats, Alton Brown
  3. Jaques Pepin: the essential Pepin

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