Why your on line payments suck - 8/9/2012

Dear organizations who want me to donate, join or contribute,

Your web site sucks and here is why:

  1. It takes way to many steps to give you money, you spent lots of time trying to get me to give and then you vex me by making it too hard to do
  2. When I do wend my way through your terrible site, the payment process errors!

Do you not want my money?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Make the number of steps as small as possible:
    1. Pick my product or service with clear costs (if none, skip this step)
    2. Collect my personal information needed for my donation, membership or donation
    3. Select payment method and collect my payment info (at a minimum give me a choice of credit cards or paypal)
    4. Give me a you have succeed screen that I can print and save with all of the information on it
  2. Test to make sure your process works, do this often
  3. Make it clear what people can do when they have problems!
  4. Make it FAST

Seriously, you want my money, right? So treat me right!

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