Just say "NO" to bad e-commerce experiences - 6/6/2012

So, I wanted to do a simple thing. We're having a party and I wanted to get 10 gift cards from 4 different places by buying them on-line and having them shipped to me. Easy enough, or so I thought.

The good

Amazon, Starbucks

These sites were very good and offered me easy shopping for gift cards, quantities, and even designs, they offered me nice alternatives and add-ons and I was in and out in 5 minutes or less with a well formatted e-mail conformation

The OK

Jamba Juice

Acceptable, but not helpful, stuggled to come up with a password that please them, some rattling around to find what I wanted, but I got in and out successfully in about 5 minutes as well. UI needs work compared to the other two.


(Credit Card Company) Gift Cards

Could not buy them online (or at least I could not find how), they wanted me to go to a physical location to buy them. Seriously in this day and age, not acceptable.

Just say no, to experiences like this...

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