poison pears - 12/18/2009

Once upon a time, there was an empty valley, green and verdant. One day a farmer and his family moved to the valley and began to farm. Slowly with much hard work they prospered and their farm grew.

They grew green-gold hay for their cows. They grew orange carrots, green lettuce and peas, red strawberries, brown potatoes, purple cabbages, and so on.

One day a farmer from a farmer from the valley next door, brought the family a gift of a basket of pears. The pears were yellow-gold, sweet and crunchy, and very tasty. The farmers families shared a meal together, had the pears for dessert.

After the visiting family had gone, the farmer thought how lovely it would be if his family had pear trees as well. He gathered the seeds, found a place of good earth and planted.

Season after season the trees grew, reaching down into the earth, deeper then the hay, the peas, the strawberries, the potatoes, and all the rest. As they grew the roots pushed down to a view of arsenic that was there, the trees drinking in the poison with the water but slowly.

The farmer and his family ate the fruit, year after year attaining a tolerance for arsenic until there was almost no amount that would make them sick.

One year, hearing of a new family who had moved in at the far end of the valley, the farmer decided to share a gift of pears with them, as had been shared with him.

The pears were gratefully accepted and rapidly consumed, and soon after the families has parted, the new family succumbed to poison in the pears and perished.

What can we learn from this story?

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